2016 Absence is Better Than Nothing Series:
Layered large format textile prints.

These pieces were created for the Picture Perfect: Contrarian Voices in Photography at the Durango Arts Center, curated by Arista Slater-Sandoval.

2016 Walkers Series:
Alternative photographic process printmaking, mixed media sculpture.

This installation was created for Accumulation: An Examination of Process Through Textile, at Studio & Gallery, curated by Minna Jain.

2016 Paths of the Interior Series:
Hand-processed cyanotype prints.

These pieces were shown at Studio & Gallery for The Passage Between: Art Celebrating Impermanence & Transition.

2016 I Sing The Body Electric Series:
Medium format film photographs on cotton broadcloth with hand stitched elements.

These pieces were shown in the exhibition And May Sounds Contribute Toward Me: An Evening of Texture and Sound Inspired by the Poems of Walt Whitman - a pop-up multidisciplinary art event at Studio & Gallery, in Durango, CO and the Minneapolis Textile Center in Minnesota. For this exhibition, artists were challenged to create contemporary textile pieces inspired by Whitman poems from his book Leaves of Grass.

2016 Fantasm Series:
Cyanotype prints with archival inkjet layers.

This series of prints were shown in the exhibition Under Pressure: The Art of the Hand-Pulled Print, an invitational printmaking show at the Durango Arts Center, Durango, CO.  The Fantasm Series was created to speak to the moral, cultural and political themes which saturate the history of children's book illustration since the advent of off-set printing.   I dug up vintage illustrations that speak to the less reputable aspects of human experience and reframed their messages.  In specific, I aimed to address negative attitudes toward the sexual nature of human beings and reexamine them in a positive, playful light.

2015 The Handmade Photograph:
Alternative photographic process prints on cotton broadcloth with stitched elements.

This series of prints were shown in the exhibition The Handmade Photograph, an invitational alternative photographic process show at the Open Shutter Gallery, Durango, CO.  This series was created with a focus on experimental blending of alt process techniques, including UV reactive dyes, VanDyke Brown Print and Cyanotype.  

2015 Tiny Embroideries:
Printed and layered silk organza and cotton broadcloth with hand embroidery.

They were shown as part of the invitational exhibition "The Farm", at Studio & Gallery and "Sweet Tart Tiny Art" at Sweet 11 Gallery, in Durango CO.

2015 Unquiet Things:
Alternative photographic process prints on cotton broadcloth with stitched elements.  And jointed wooden dolls:  Cynotype and VanDyke Brown Print on birch veneer, laser cut.

In the beginning there was First Gator, Archaic Begetter of the Big Bang.  With one smack of his drum, he shook the cosmos into being...

This series of prints and jointed wooden dolls was created in collaboration with Brett Massé for a 2-person exhibition at Eno Wine Bar and Café in Durango, CO.  

Stop Motion Animation promotional video made for Unquiet Things, by Minna Jain and Brett Masse

2014 Haunt Cyanotype Series:
Hand-processed cotton cyanotypes of film photographs with painted and stitched elements.

This series of 9 hand-processed cyanotypes on cotton fabric with stitching were shown as part of the solo exhibition Haunt, Studio & Gallery, Durango, CO.  

2014 Haunt Sculpture Series:
This series of four sculptures were created for the solo exhibition Haunt at Studio & Gallery, Durango CO.  With them, I incorporated hand processed cyanotypes, matte medium transfers and hand-built houses with LED lights and found objects.  

2014 Little Beast Series:
Hand-processed cyanotypes of original illustrations with watercolor elements. 

The Little Beast series was created for the Studio & Gallery CSArt program, juried by Studio & Gallery.